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Fitness Training for Seniors

At 68 years of age I am Mary’s most senior client, and yet one of the fittest. I have trained with Mary for – years. During this time, my blood pressure, which was high, has been controlled, and my osteoporosis has greatly improved through weight training. A recent Angiogram showed my arteries to be clear, with no sign of calcification. My doctor applauds my training and encourages me to continue.

Mary is a skilled and caring professional. She can always provide an alternative exercise for any body part which may be sore or painful. Muscle soreness is successfully released (through massage) before an exercise is attempted.

I highly recommend Mary’s training as a means to achieving a healthy lifestyle.

Annette - Castle Hill

Encouring and Personal Growth

Training with Mary has changed my attitude towards exercise and my belief in what I’m physically and mentally capable of! I never thought I’d get my body into such good condition, but Mary encouraged me all the way and I’m amazed to see the change compared to a few months ago!

Mary also plays a huge role in keeping me accountable to my goals each week, checking in with me and responding quickly to my questions!  It’s been very important keeping a food diary and having Mary make recommendations about how I can improve my nutrition and maximise my results.

I really enjoy training with Mary because she is fun & caring, as well as being strict about working hard and getting the most out of a session!

As an older Mum of 2 young kids I love feeling fit and strong again and having the energy to play with my kids and lead a busy life!

Thanks Mary!!!

Di - Mt Colah

Highest Standards of Customer Service

I have had the pleasure of knowing Mary for over ten years as she has worked with me as my Trainer.  I cannot speak highly enough of her, both on a personal and professional basis. She is an impressive person, possessing a strong character, positive energy, intelligence, dedication to her profession and the highest standards of customer service.

Her on-going success in her chosen profession, over many years, attests to the high standards of her work.

I highly recommend Mary to anyone who wants to be fit and healthy !

Joanne - Ryde

Personal Trainer Extraordinaire

I have known Mary for over 10 years in her capacity as personal trainer extraordinaire!. She has worked with me when I needed to lose over 10kg and also more recently after having my 4th child. I work in the  health industry so I have no time for people who don’t know what they are doing. Mary is the most knowledgeable person I know in the health and fitness space.

She is also the most honest and focused individual I know. Her personal commitment to her work and working with clients to get the best out of their individual circumstances is nothing short of phenomenal. Mary puts in 1000% and I gain personally for my own health and wellbeing!!

Cynthia - Randwick

Personal Trainer

I have been working alongside Mary for the past 5 years.  Mary has always given me lots of support, encouragement and praise for my achievements.  She believes in my success.

She has coached me through the system and helped me help others.  She is always there for you and a great friend and mentor.

She is also a great trainer and very educated.  I highly recommend Mary as a trainer and a coach.

Andrea - Randwick

High Level of Health and Fitness

I trained with Mary Bacon for over 10 years for 3 mornings a week before moving back to Melbourne. I take my fitness very seriously and Mary is by far the most professional trainer and expert in her field. Her expertise in getting your body to a high level of health and fitness is amazing, her injury prevention and training programmes are the best I’ve ever had. Mary is a natural in her field and such a beautiful, delightful person with a great deal of positive energy, which was always a great start to the day.

Scott - Melbourne

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Video Testimonials


Suffering in silence was Natalie’s destiny – or so she thought!

When I read Natalie’s story on her application for Free Personal Training, my heart went out to her. I had never met her, but I instantly knew that she was the girl I wanted to put every bit of energy in to help her. From our first meeting at her home, I fell in love with Natalie. She has a beautiful heart, is so elegant and classy… just gorgeous inside and out.  I also sensed that when she commits to something – she will stay committed.

I am so grateful that Natalie trusted me and put her faith in me to take her on board. At thirty years of age, with 2 slipped discs, Natalie could hardly get out of bed every morning – let alone exercise. I sent her to a specialist rehabilitation physiotherapist that I refer my clients to. He was fantastic and worked really well with her.

I trained Natalie twice a week and every second week I went to her home and did a an hour of massage with trigger point therapy (which is releasing muscle spasms) in her back and hips. Within a month Natalie was running! Wow – she was so excited, and starting to gain confidence that she can have her gorgeous body and toned legs, tummy and arms.

Natalie’s food diaries were always done on time, and she never skipped a beat! She worked with me on her food and any suggestion I made she took on board.  Natalie was also religious with her Isagenix program.  I constantly changed her food around so that she had variety and her meals were high in nutrition.

Her boyfriend has been amazing and so supportive, her Italian family (imagine the food in their house – yum) is in full support and are delighted that she is not suffering with back pain and is looking and feeling amazing. My buzz was when I took these guys and their partners out to dinner at Café Sydney to celebrate their success – and we did just that. What an awesome way to congratulate them.

I now train Natalie once a week and today in her session I had her doing some advanced abdominal work – which she was thrilled to be doing. She is loving it and I am in awe of her determination.


In May 2012 I posted on Twitter and Facebook that I was looking for 2 people that I could train for free for 4 months and help them transform their body and enter the IsaBody Challenge. There was a catch –that we would be filming the journey, to inspire other people to take control of their life and health.

I had 30 people apply and I chose my 2 people. One of these was Mike Grima. After the sixteen weeks, I can honestly say that I see a totally different person.

Weeks 1-4 were a complete disaster; I almost sacked him within 2 weeks of starting the training. Mike didn’t honour our agreement of no alcohol or coffee for 95% of the time. Business trips were an excuse for wine and unhealthy food. He was then cutting out on food to compensate, thinking that he would lose more weight. Did we have some tough conversations – he didn’t like me at all!

By weeks 5-9 he was getting it. He felt in control again. Feeling amazing, strong, sleeping like a baby, no joint pain and enjoying his food. At his wife’s birthday dinner I heard people say “Mike, congratulations on your loss”! Strange dialog – but it was a huge compliment for him.

I think people who sit on the high ladder of the corporate world, like Mike, very often hide behind all that big stature. Success is everything to them! They may seem like they control everyone – business, home and relationships – but the truth is that, deep down, there is a place of unhappiness. They are almost too frightened to be open and vulnerable to ask for help.

Mike’s wife Jean is over the moon! Her support, encouragement and tough love has really supported Mike in his results so far. So now, not only does she have a fitter, healthier and sexier husband and father to their 2 boys, but she says that Mike is a different person inside and out.

What a journey it has been for Mike! And, just the other day, he signed a huge deal for his company. Confidence, health and happiness are a now big part of his life.

Like I say – “How you do anything – is how you do everything!”