Mary Bacon is a powerful and ethical business leader who is interested in making a difference in this world without compromise and shake society’s ordinary into the extraordinary!

She empowers people through her books, media resources and speaking engagements to shift people's mindsets. Giving them the courage to step up in life and play big.

Mary has over 25 years experience in Personal Training, one-on-one and group training. Also experienced Health Coach in wellbeing, aging, stress, relationships, family, nutrition and exercise.

Her global business stretches across the world from Gold Coast, Sydney, to Los Angeles and New York.

Self-awareness, Empowerment and Inspirational Leadership

Mary Bacon's philosophy is centred on the strength of women. By looking inward, women can explore their inner potential, positive core and their sense of worth.

This leads to shaping a framework for creating personal, community and even global goals - engaging female leadership and pioneering spirit.

'Women of Worth' centres on the positivity and possibility. Rather than magnifying our deficiencies, needs and limitations, we shift the focus to what gives us the most joy in life.

Mary believes that every woman should feel empowered in their life. By giving women the tools to own their achievements and to live life according to their values, this will help ensuring peace and direction for future posibilities.

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