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For the past 25 years, Mary has been helping corporate and private clients in personal training. She trains one-on-one, pairs and in a group setting. Also does mentoring and coaching on Zoom or telephone.

What Mary really enjoys about training clients is taking them from a place of frustration, desperation and being out of control to a totally new mindset where they can manage their life no matter what situation or environment they face.

Her success with clients comes in large part – Holistic approach. She practices as a trigger point therapist, and as a result clients are able to function a lot better on daily basis, sleep a lot better, get rid of back and neck pain.

One diet regime does not suit everyone, so Mary will look at various dietary solutions tailored specifically for you and your lifestyle. Nutrition plays a big role in your life. Mary Bacon is fortunate to have access to some of the top dieticians, nutritionists, and naturopaths in the country.

You want results – I deliver them! It’s a win – win situation!

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Online Personal Training
in your Home

Whether you have a home gym set up or no exercise equipment at all, Mary can tailor a training session just for you. Mary has you covered with workout videos tailored for your level of fitness.

Mary will set specific goals with you and track your progress, motivating you every step of the way to make sure you reach your individual goals. She will tailor your sessions to your specific needs, including prenatal, postnatal, weight loss, injuries, muscle definition, rehabilitation, and stress reduction.

online personal training
  • Improve your Diet

    Designed time saver meal plans so you spend less time in the kitchen. Everything is spelled out for you, with intermittent fasting and superfood cleansing program, you will get great results no matter what goal you have

  • Stay Motivated

    Mary will motivate you to not only work towards fitness, but to embrace an a much healthier lifestyle. By setting new personal goals and challenges and stepping out of your comfort zone, you can begin your journey towards health and happiness.

  • Training Plans

    Looking to lose weight or get fit, strong and toned, you will receive your recorded workouts via Vimeo with a password access.

Healthy nurtion meals by Mary Bacon professional personal trainer

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